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Photos from Verle Pearcy's collection

 Storekeepers School graduation June 8, 1951 San Diego, California. Verle is top row second from left.

Photo 1: Verle on right with Boot Camp friends Donnie and Jack.  Photo 2: Boot Camp photo of Verle.  Photo 3: Verle kneeling with friends Sept. 1952.  Photo 4: Studio photo with 2 stripes.

The following Commendation letter was given to Verle Pearcy by the skipper of the USS YUMA.

                                                   U.S.S. YUMA ATF-94

                                                   C/O Fleet Post Office

                                                    San Francisco, California

                                                                            1 Feb. 1952

                          To: Pearcy, Verele George, 327 54 35, SKSN, USN

                                Your unwavering attention to duty and high moral during buoy

                           laying and other operations while under enemy fire on 17 and 27

                          January 1952 in the Wonsan/Hungnam, Korea Area is highly commendable.

                          You served creditably and by your determination you contributed

                          materially toward the successful accomplishment of these missions.

                          Your conduct throughout was in keeping with the finest traditions of

                          the Naval Service.


                                                                                                      R. J. REYNOLDS

                                                                                                      Lieutenant, U.S. Navy

                                                                                                      Commanding Officer


Operation IVY 1952  involved testing of Atomic Bombs in the Marshall Islands. The USS YUMA and crew were present at one of these tests. The following is a brief discription of that event;

2.2.10 USS YUMA (ATF-94) and Kwajalein Atoll.   

On 1 November, the crew of the YUMA observed Shot MIKE from a position 27

miles southeast of the MIKE SZ. The day after the detonation, the YUMA entered

Enewetak lagoon and anchored off Enewetak Island at 1110 hours. At 1335 hours, the

YUMA departed for Kwajalein, arriving at approximately 1500 hours on 3 November.

About 24 hours later, the YUMA departed Kwajalein towing a fuel barge, arriving

Enewetak at 0700 hours on 7 November. A radiological inspection tearn boarded at

1815 hours and gave the YUMA a final radiological clearance prior to its release from

TG 132.3 operational control. At 1226 hours on 8 November, the YUhlA got underway

for Pearl Harbor via Kwajalein.  

The YUMA did not participate at Shot KING the second Atomic Bomb Test of Operation Ivy.



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1989 YUMA Reunion included WW II as well as Korean War veterans.

Crew members listed on


1944 Delbert Wann, SK, Oakland, CA

1944 Jesse Hale, SN Aransas Pass, TX

1949 Walsine Pierce, RM Point Pleasant, WV

1951 Lucas Montoya, EN Albuquerque, NM

1952 William Ward, EN Deland, FL

1952 Verle Pearcy, SK Scottsburg, IN

1954 Bobby Wolfe, RM Clarksville, TX

1958 Patrick McGee, EM Burlington, NJ

1958 Raymond Ridley, EM Vancouver, WA

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