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Three "Great" Photos

Two of the three 20mm guns on the Sigsbee's stern are manned and ready in this photo taken at Panaon Strait, Leyte Operation Oct. 1944.

Note: My uncle Guy Amburgey's general quarters was on one of the above stern 20mm's. This portion of the ship was struck by a kamikaze on April 14, 1945 with loss of 23 sailors, including all of those manning the three 20mm's.  During my research over the past ten years I've yet to find a  picture of my uncle, (outside of those taken on leave while back in Indiana) either with shipmates or in several group photos we have located.

Even though I can't identify him in the photo above....... I feel there is a good chance he is in the picture.

Photograph was taken in 1943 on the Empire State Building in New York City. Henry Dolan was the sailor that snapped this group photo. The photo was donated by Henry's son John. Sailors from L to R: Charles Gregg, unknown, Bill Persons, Richard Hildebrankski, and Cas Komski.

Outstanding photograph taken from USS MIAMI a few hours after the kamikaze hit of April 14, 1945. The MIAMI is taking the SIGSBEE in tow.  Commander Gordon Chung-Hoon is pictured on the right wearing lifejacket. Chief Lester Lebouef is in foreground hands on hips. On the left appears to be Lt. Carl Braun but he is wearing dungarees and not the usual officers kaki (so until we can get a 100% identification we will just have to assume it could be him). Officer on the left wearing lifejacket is Lt. Milton Morgan.

Note;  Commander Chung-Hoon was awarded the Silver Star for his efforts in saving his ship from sinking. Lt. Carl Braun was awarded the Bronze Star as Damage Control Officer. Lt. Morgan received the Legion of Merit for exceptionally meritorious conduct and performance of outstanding service .

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