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by Gary L. McIntosh

Webmaster's note: I became acquainted with Gary after he signed my guest book back in June of 2003 (see entry #120)  while doing research for his book. His father served on the DD-479 and he shared some interesting facts about the ship. 



7th Fleet Publications, P.O. Box 940213 Maitland, FL 32794  407-491-9788

7th Fleet Publications is pleased to announce the release of WAR DIARY: USS STEVENS 1941-1946, a new book by Gary L. McIntosh. 

Drawn from official ship records from the National Archives, historical studies, and most importantly, the memories of the men who served aboard the destroyer USS STEVENS during World War II, WAR DIARY chronicles the history of the ship from its construction, its participation in the war against Japan, and its decommissioning at the end of the war.

Assigned to the 7th Fleet, often referred to as "MacArthur's Navy", the Stevens, a Fletcher Class destroyer, fought its way through the Solomon Islands, New Guinea, and the Philippines, participating in some well know invasions and others that have become footnotes in the history of the war.

Well written and easy to read, WAR DIARY tells the story of the Pacific War that has been largely forgotten.  The politics, objectives, strategy, and planning that preceded each invasion is discussed, as well as the Steven's role in each operation.  WAR DIARY is just as its name proclaims it to be; a virtual day-to-day look at the sometimes boring and often dangerous life of the Tin Can Sailor of World War II.


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