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The SIGSBEE'S bell


Drawing by Mr. Peter Hsu, a great friend to the Sigsbee Family. For the first time since 1988 the ship did not have a reunion in 2011. Mr. Hsu none-the-less offered up this drawing in memory of Cmdr. Chung-Hoon, the USS SIGSBEE DD-502, and the ships bell which found it's way to the 2009 reunion. Thank You Peter from the Sigsbee sailors and family members.

Sigsbee vets meet up with an old friend at the 2009 Virginia Beach Reunion

Dave Kugler who is in possession of the DD-502's bell was a special guest at the annual East Coast Reunion. He brought the bell to the reunion so those in attendance could, see, touch, and ring the ship's bell. For those sailors in attendance it was the first time for them to see/hear the ship's bell in some sixty-three years. This event was made possible when Sigsbee veteran Billy Roberts, USS Harrison "son and planner" John Chiquoine, and John Mastin, located the bell and its owner.

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Elmer Virag, McKeesport, PA

Hank Elizagaray, Glendale, CA

George Mazzagotte, Pensacola, FL.

Fred Grupp, Baltimore, MD

Paul Bagin, Greendale WI.

Ed Perley, Downingtown, PA.

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