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Group photos and unknown officers photos

Officers under Cmdr. Russell, Trinidad April 1943

 Row 1 L to R; Lt. Milton  Morgan, Lt. Tom R. Weschler, Lt. A.J. Tucker, Cmdr. B.V. Russell, Lt.Cmdr. B.J. Semmes, Lt. Mohl C. Norton, Lt. Harold W. Arnold Row 2; Ensign Robert D. Karl, Ensign Clyde G. Ferguson, Ensign Marvin Ostrowsky, Ensign Hal Kauffman, Ensign David Swan, Ensign Carl F. Braun, Ensign Charles P. Daly, Lt.jg Jack T. Hoyle, Ensign  Harry F. Isett, Lt.jg. Edward F. McGrath

 Officers under Cmdr. Barnard, photo taken 1945

Row 1 L to R: Lt. Gordon S. Barrett,  Ensign John M. Fisher,  Ensign Ransom O. Slack,  Ensign John A. Godfrey,  Ensign Spencer L. Gilmore,  Ensign Richard W. Mechem.  Row 2 L to R: Ensign Paul T. Springer, Commander Harry A. Barnard,  Lt. jg. James M. McKinnie,  Ensign Jack Potash, and an unknown officer. Thanks to  Mr. Paul Springer, of Greensburg, Pennsylvania for donating the picture and in helping with the identification of these officers.

Officers group photo 1945. Kneeling 2nd from left Lt. Richard Mechem, standing far left Lt. Jim McKinnie, 6th from left Lt. Gordon Barrett, behind him Ensign Paul Springer. This photo appears to have mainly junior grade officers.  Other possible but not identified (as listed in Deck Log Officers List for June 1945). - Ensign Leslie L. Smith, Jr., Supply Officer, Lt.jg. Fred J. McDermott, Medical Officer, William E. Hans,  Torpedo Officer, Ensign James W. McGinn,  Jr. Asst. Gunnery Officer, Ensign Ransom O. Slack,  Asst. 1st Division Officer,  Lt.jg. John A. Godfrey,  Asst. Communications Officer,  Lt.jg. Richard E. Braumiller,  Asst. Engineering Officer, Lt.jg. Carpenter, Albert P. Communications Officer, Lt. jg. Russell Dorn, Gunnery Officer, R.S. Malinowski, Radio Officer

Unidentified Officers







Unknown Officer on left is in group photo with Cmdr. Barnard and Paul Springer in album 12. He is sitting on right arm of the couch. Officer in middle of  photo is Lt. Lester Schultz..


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