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and the S.S. SABINE PASS

The DD-52 was towed to Guam for temporary repairs by the ocean going tug USS MUNSEE following the Kamikaze attack of 14, April, 1945.

Photo borrowed from Wikipedia. For more information on the history of the MUNSEE ATF-107 click on the following link.

 Following temporary repairs at ARD-26 (floating drydock) the ship was ready for the long tow back to Pearl Harbor. The deck logs will take over the story:

Thursday 17, May 1945 0605 hours.  U.S. Army tug #132 came along starboard side. 0640 Set special sea detail.  0712 Received tow cable aboard from LT132.  0717 Underway in tow by LT132, YTB #288 on our starboard quarter.  Captain at the conn, navigator on the bridge.  0748 YTB (Yard Tugboat) #288 clear of our starboard quarter.  0753 Stopped paying out tow chain with 50 fathoms on deck.  Secured with stopper and brake.  0755 Took departure from Guam.

Signed J. L MARKS, Lt. jg. USNR

On Thursday 24, May 1945 SIGSBEE entered ENIWETOK ATOLL.

Friday 25, May 1945 1611 hours. Tow cable of S.S. SABINE PASS secured to tow chain of U.S.S. SIGSBEE.  1627 Anchor aweigh, underway from berth C-3, anchorage area A, ENIWETOK ATOLL, MARSHALL ISLANDS, in accordance with directions from Port Director, and assisted by U.S. Army LT #132.  The Captain and Navigator on the bridge.  Using various courses and speeds conforming to channell leaving harbor.  1703 Took departure from ENIWETOK ATOLL.  Cast off U.S. Army LT #132 of readiness II-M.  1739 U.S.S. CONTROL (AM-164), on station patrolling ahead of formation.  Formation speed 7 knots.  Convoy Commodore on U.S.S. SIGSBEE.  Escort Commander in U.S.S. CONTROL.  1737 Army LT #132 on station 500 yards on port beam of S.S. SABINE PASS.  1819  Formation slowed to 3 knots for S.S. SABINE PASS to effect necessary repairs.  1927 Darkened ship. 1941 Increased speeed to 7 knots.

Signed R.W. MECHEM, Ensign USNR

At 1000 hours on Thursday 7, June 1945 SIGSBEE entered Pearl Harbor.

U. S. Maritime Commission V-4-M-A1 Tug similar to S.S. SABINE PASS


The V-4-M-A1 Tugs were 195 foot long, 37.5 foot beam, 15.5 foot draft, twin diesel, 2,250 horsepower, 1,063 displacement tons, top speed 14 knots. They were built in 1943 in 6 shipbuilding yards: Avondale Marine (Westego, LA), General Ships & Engine (East Boston, MA), Pennsylvania Shipbuilding (Beaumont, TX), Globe Shipbuilding (Superior, WI), Froemming Bros. (Milwaukee, WI), Pendleton Shipbuilding (New Orleans, LA). The 49 V-4 Tugs were named after lighthouses. Photo and Tug statistics borrowed from 

Note: Looking for any crew members from the S.S. SABINE PASS and/or the USS MUNSEE that may remember this event.  Please email us.


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