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Artifacts: "Polliwogs to Shellbacks"

Initiation ritual for a sailors first crossing of the equator

The following photos were donated by Charles Snyder, GM1/c, gun Captain of #2 Five Inch

King Neptune getting permission from the Captain to begin....

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The "Initiation Gang" (certified Shellbacks)

Polliwag2.jpg (28852 bytes)

Polliwog Haircut

Polliwag&.jpg (25568 bytes)

Kissing the Greased Belly

Polliwag4.jpg (38472 bytes)

Humble Polliwog awaiting his fate

Polliwag6.jpg (37664 bytes)

Operating Table and Hot Sauce

Polliwag5.jpg (37483 bytes)

Dunk Tank

Hosedown.jpg (26450 bytes)

Hose Down

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