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Pictured below are some of the Sigsbee's officers under Commander Harry A. Barnard who became the third skipper of the Sigsbee June 20th 1945. This photo appears to have been taken in chilly weather sometime after returning to the states in October (possibly Navy Day Camden, N.J.). 


Row 1 L to R: Lt. Gordon S. Barrett,  Ensign John M. Fisher,  Ensign Ransom O. Slack,  Ensign John A.Godfrey,  Ensign Spencer L. Gilmore,  Ensign Richard W.. Mechem.  Row 2 L to R: Ensign Paul T. Springer, Commander Harry A. Barnard,  Lt. jg. James M. McKinnie,  Ensign Jack Potash, and an unknown officer. Thanks to  Mr. Paul Springer, of Greensburg, Pennsylvania for donating the picture and in helping with the identification of these officers.


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