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Sigsbee veteran William Hidler's part in a Navy Department Public Relations story. He shared this story  which happened just two days after being sworn in.  Artifact and photo courtesy of Mr. Hidler.

U.S.  Naval  Training Station

Sampson, New York

For Immediate Release March 27th, 1943   Exclusive to Wide World  Public Relations Officer  Geneva 9 Ext. 315

Credit: Official U.S. Navy Photo

Goehring, Hess, and Hidler, Start their Recruit Training at U.S. Naval Training Station, on the shore of Lake Seneca, Sampson, N.Y.

This must be a gag, thought Lt. jg. Thomas Harris, USNR, as he mustered Co. 144 and read off the names "Goehring," then "Hess". He paused and said: "all right, where's Hitler?"

"Here, sir," said a voice and Bluejacket William E. Hidler, Cranson, R.I.. stepped forward.

The story was spoiled, however, when Hidler explained his name is pronounced "Highdler"; Louis W. Goehring, Dedham, Mass., pointed to the "H" in his name, and Robert J. Hess, Erie, PA., said he was glad his first name was not Rudolph.



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