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Left to Right: my father John W. Mastin, my grandfather Herbert D. Mastin Sr., and my uncle Herbert D. Mastin Jr. 1945 New Castle, Indiana.

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John W. Mastin, U.S. Merchant Marines, served on the Gripsholm. After his service with the Merchant Marines he returned to New Castle, Indiana where he joined the police department. He served the community for twenty years and retired in 1968.

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The Mercy Ship
The Swedish ship Gripsholm was chartered to the US State Department during World War II, from 1942 to 1946, as an exchange and repatriation ship. It was under the protection of the Red Cross, hence the term "mercy ship". The venture was managed by American Export Lines.

Photo of the Gripsholm in WW II diplomat paint scheme.  While visiting the National POW Museum at the Andersonville Civil War Memorial I found this photo displayed at the museum.

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My Grandfather Herbert D. Mastin, Sr. Private Battery A 1st Regiment, U.S. Army 1918 (1899 to 1967). Married Margie Warner (1906 to 1979). They had ten children:

Herbert D. Jr. 2-19-1925, John W. 10-30-1926,       Bessie Jane (Estelle) 8-8-1928, James E. 11-28-1929, Josephine Iona (Walters) 3-17-1932,  Jerry F. 11-20-1934,  Wayne Clifford 1-13-1937,     William Clyde  1-13-1937, Larry G. 11-17-1939,     Norma Erlene (Dishman) 6-25-1944

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Uncle Herb D. Mastin Jr., U.S. Navy 1942-46 PHM1/c, YMS-81 South Pacific Theatre. Enlisted in U.S. Army 1947 then selected the Air Force when the Army Air Corp. became a separate branch of service. Discharged 1954. Hometown New Castle, In. Deceased 6/24/2009. ( Air Force photo is with wife Elsie). 

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Uncle James E. Mastin, U.S. Army. Sergeant, 3rd Armored Division, Engineer Bat. Ft. Knox, Kentucky 1948 to 1950. Hometown; New Castle, Indiana. Deceased 6/6/2006.


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   Cousin Jeff Mastin (son of James E. Mastin)  He first served as a judge advocate with the 38th infantry Div. Indiana National Guard, and is currently a major and judge advocate in the U.S. Army Reserve assigned to the 91st Legal Support Org., 90th Reserve Support Command.

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Uncle Virgil A. Walters, Sergeant, 101st Airborn, 10th Combat Engineers, 1948 to 1954. Fort Benning Ga., Fort Knox Ky., Fort Campbell Ky. and Fort McCoy, Wis. Hometown; New Castle, Indiana. Deceased 2007.

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Uncle William Clyde Mastin, Corporal, Company A, 151st Infantry, Indiana National Guard.  Hometown New Castle, Indiana. Deceased 11/21/2006.

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Nephew Kevin Kern, retired Master Sergeant U.S. Air Force, 410th Expeditionary Combat Communications Squadron, Warner Robins Air Force Base Ga. Veteran of Panama, Desert Storm, Operation Enduring Freedom and Iraqi Freedom. Awarded Bronze Star. Hometown; Scottsburg, Indiana.

Army Specialist Christopher Wayne Dickison, born 9/29/1978 Seattle, Washington, KIA 7/5/2005 Baqubah, Iraq by IED while serving his country in the U.S. Army. Chris was the son of Rodney and Lea Dickison, and Grandson of Violet Amburgey Dickison Baldwin.

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Brother-in-law, Ronald B. Slaton. Sergeant U.S. Air Force 1967-70. SAC, Plattsburg AFB, New York, PACAF Wheeler Field AFB, Honolulu, Hawaii.  Hometown Tunnelton, Indiana now resides in Scottsburg, In.

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Brother-in-law Larry Quackenbush, U.S. Air Force. Military Police, Vietnam veteran. Hometown Bedford, Indiana. Deceased March 2006. (photo on right is Larry with his mother Dorothy,).

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Cousin Doyce Rich, Navy Reserve and Active Duty, SH3/c U.S. Navy 1971-1973, USS KILAUEA AE-26. Vietnam veteran. Presently serving the In. Nat. Guard. Hometown New Castle, Indiana. Resides today in Mays, Indiana. .

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My brother Richard D. Mastin, U.S. Air Force 1972-76 Cryptographic systems repairman. Shaw AFB, Sumter, South Carolina.  Hometown New Castle, Indiana now resides in North Port, Florida. (photo at right is Rich with wife Cheryl and sister Judy Letsinger).


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Uncle Larry G. Mastin Sr., U.S. Air Force 1961-65. Airman 1st Class, aircraft mechanic Hill Air Force Base Utah. Hometown New Castle, Indiana.

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<=== Cousin Larry G. Mastin Jr., Indiana National Guard 1980-94. Fireman/Crash Rescue. Hometown New Castle, Indiana.

===> Cousin Skip Mastin, (son of James E. Mastin). U.S. Air Force, May 1967 to May 1971 (Vietnam War era). Headquarters Air Defense Command, 29th Air Division Colorado Springs, CO. Staff Sergeant , duties Administrative Assistant.


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Uncle, Ralph Estelle . U.S. Army, 1st Army, 69th Division, 271st Infantry Div. Company D. Wounded in combat (Buschum, Germany)  awarded the Purple Heart. Lived in New Castle, Indiana. (deceased 2005)

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Uncle Jerry F. Mastin, U.S. Army 1957 to 1958. Boot Camp Fort Lenordwood, assigned Fifth Army Ft. Gordon, Ga. teletype operator. Overseas assignment Metz, France. Army Reserve two years. Hometown New Castle, Indiana.

Cousin James A. Mastin, U.S. Navy 1977-80, B.E.E./  EM-A USS MONTICELLO LSD-35 San Diego, Ca. Three years Naval Reserve. Hometown New Castle, Indiana.



Uncle Herman Amburgey (Guy's brother). Born and raised in New Castle, Indiana. He had eight children and lived many years in Royal Oak, Michigan. Deceased 1985.



Second cousin Ensign Jason Revitzer. Son of Dee and Doug Revitzer of Macomb, MI. Jason will report for duty to the USS New Hampshire SSN 778 when he completes his training in May of 2009. He is the Great Nephew of Guy Amburgey and the Grandson of Herman Amburgey.



<===== Cousin Richard Allen Mastin, son of Herbert D. Mastin, Jr. United States Air Force photo 1966.

Second cousin Edwin D. Lamb, USAF 1950-1954. Resides Bellevue, Washington. =======>


Second cousin Omer Mays, Lexington, Ky., son of Eliza Amburgey Mays and Charlie Green Mays, U.S. Army 82nd Airborne WW II. European Theatre, Awarded two Purple Hearts. Omer resides in Lexington, Kentucky with his wife Vonda "Bonnie" Clark Mays.

Second cousin Buford Amburgey, (Michigan) son of Wylie and Lelar Amburgey. U.S. Army medical corp WW II. Right photo - Buford with brother Lester. Deceased 2/8/2005.


A nephew of my grandfather David Amburgey - Clarence W. Wise, Private U.S. Army World War I. Born Oct. 1890, died Oct. 1937.

Second cousin Herschel Conway, Sgt. 160th Infantry Division, U.S. Army, World War II. Awarded Purple Heart and Bronze Star. Henry County Indiana.  Deceased 1961

Second cousin Harry L. Conway, SP4 U.S. Army Hometown New Castle, Indiana. Deceased 2004.

 Second cousin Howard E. Conway, (on right) U.S. Army WW II, was with General Pattons 3rd Army Corp, raised in New Castle, In. Deceased 1994.

Second cousin Harold L. Conway, S1/c United States Navy, World War II. Honetown New Castle, Indiana. Deceased 1959.

   Second cousin Sidney P. Wilburn,  United States Army World War II. Hometown Peru, Indiana.  Deceased 1970

 Second cousin Henry H. Wilburn Jr.  United States Army World War II. Hometown Peru, Indiana.  Deceased 1980.


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