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New SIGSBEE photo from Lt. Gordon Barrett's collection:

Lt. Barrett, recently moved from his home state of Idaho to St. Louis, Missouri where he lives with his daughter and her husband.  He is 91 years young and is in good health. This web master paid a visit to him on April 30th and came away with numerous new archive photos of ship and crew. Serving as Assistant Gunnery Officer, he was given the ships camera by Cmdr. Chung-Hoon, where he made good use of that assignment. Thank you Gordon for sharing your Sigsbee and Benham photos and memories.


Photos from Barret collection. On March 24, 1945 SIGSBEE picked-up two airmen from this OS2U Kingfisher float plane from the USS MASSACHUSETTS that had crashed. Lt. Alfred B. Cenedella, USN and S.A. Kerr, Arm3/c USNR. The 502 used her 20 mm and 40 mm guns to sink the crippled plane.

On March 19, 1945 SIGSBEE rescued two airmen of Air Group 10 from the USS INTREPID CV-11. Looking up from life raft Ensign A.V. Ramsey, USN and H.E. Evans, ARM3/c. Photo credit Lt. Gordon Barrett. On March 22, the flyers were transferred to the carrier USS HORNET. Their is a discrepancy in the SIGSBEE'S deck logs with the Ensigns last name.......the March 19 (rescue) log entry lists his name as Ramsey while the March 22 (transfer to carrier) log entry has it Rumsey.

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