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Jerry Tucker (1925)

Jerry Tucker was born in Chicago, Illinois in 1925 as Jerry H. Schatz. Jerry Tucker was successful both in film and radio. He was spotted by Paramount executive Albert Kaufman at the boxing club managed by his father, Leonard Schatz. As a result the family moved to Hollywood where they were soon informed that "Schatz" wasn't suitable. So Jerry Schatz adopted the stage name Tucker.

In 1929 Jerry became the youngest actor ever placed under contract to
Paramount Studios. Because he had a good memory in order to learn texts and because of his appearance - red hair, blue eyes and pale skin - he was brought into play for many movies. He appeared among others at Buster Keaton's side in "Sidewalks of New York" (31), with Carole Lombard in "No Man of Her Own" (32), with Laurel & Hardy in "Babes in Toyland" (34), with Jeanette MacDonald in "San Francisco" (36) and with Spencer Tracy in "Boys Town" (38).

But his most prominent role, however, was as the spoiled rich kid in the "Our Gang" comedies. Jerry Tucker's "Our Gang" debut was a minor role in "Shiver My Timbers" (31). From that he went on to work in 18 "Our Gang" comedies including "Hi'-Neighbor" (34), in which he played the rich kid and "Mama's Little Pirate" (34).

Jerry Tucker's father died in 1932 and seven years later he relocated with his mother to New York where he worked in several radio programs including "King Arthur Jr." (40-41) and "Twenty Grand Salutes Your Birthday" (41).

In 1942 Jerry Tucker left show business and joined the Navy. He suffered injuries when a kamikaze pilot hit the destroyer USS Sigsbee on which he served. In 1944 Jerry Tucker married Myra Heino and they had two daughters, Karen and Renee. Jerry Tucker did not return to show business after the war. Instead he studied electrical engineering and worked as an engineer for RCA Global Communications until his retirement in 1981.


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