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On the Sigsbee no one knew what Jerry Schatz (aka Jerry Tucker) did before the war. While at sea the crew often watched movies for entertainment, but not once did anyone recognize that Jerry was one of the actors they were watching. Jerry the former actor turned "Tin Can Sailor" didn't wish to disclose his earlier career. He explained it this way, " I didn't want to be unique. I was happy to just be one of the guys. It was not until our Navy reunion a few years ago that my friends found out that I had been in the movies. Some of them where quite surprised to say the least."

* He was one of Hollywood's busiest actors in the 1930's.....and he was only about four feet tall. Jerry Tucker, whose face is instantly recognizable to devotees of "Our Gang" (aka "The Little Rascals"), often co-starred with those loveable street urchins, as well as appearing in several acclaimed features with luminaries such as Clark Gable, Carole Lombard, Claudette Colbert, Bing Crosby, Buster Keaton, and Shirley Temple. With his flaming-red hair, freckles and mischievous smirk, Jerry had a knack for playing obnoxious rich kids, and the industry utilized his talent well.

*Jerry was awarded the Purple Heart after receiving a serious leg wound on the day the 502 was hit. He sent the following photo to me.

Jerry Schatz with "OUR GANG", Jerry has the arrow pointing to him in left photo and in the right photo Jerry is driving the firetruck .

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                                                                                                                              Photo from "Hi Neighbor" an Our Gang Comedy 1934

Photo of Jerry and I at the 2000 reunion. Learn more about Jerry Schatz (Tucker) by checking out his biography link on the "Other Links Page"

Assemblyman Bob Sweeney participated in Memorial Day ceremonies in several communities, and is pictured here with Jerry Schatz of the Copiague VFW, placing a wreath at the memorial located at the Great  Neck Road Elementary School. (Photo borrowed from Sweeney's web page)

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A film clip taken from the USS Miami of the

damaged Sigsbee appeared in the film

"Okinawa" 1952 starring Pat O'Brien

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