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I Never Knew You   


I never knew you, but in a frame,

A Guy caught in a Kodak moment

A family portrait, a party scene,

or in uniform with all its adornment.

I never knew you, we didn't fish or hunt,

or share tales of days gone by.

But still a part of me is less than whole

to have never seen you eye-to-eye.

I never knew you, but you're in my heart

and on my mind these days,

as I talk with family, friends, and mates

who walked with you on life's way.

I never knew you but I see you now,

strong chin, clear eyes, proud military stance.

I never knew you, but I see you now,

I'd know you at a glance.

I know you now, you're of my blood,

so proud of you am I.

We'll have so many things to share,

I'll know you by-and-by.

Thank You Jo Ann

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