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Commander B.V. Russell, USN, Jan. 23, 1943 to May 13, 1944              

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Academy photo of

Commander Russell

first skipper of the

DD-502. Annapolis

Class of 1926.

 Died  July 2, 1960

Description of  B.J

Russell from the

"Lucky  Bag", the

   Academy Year


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Commander Gordon P. Chung-hoon, USN, May 14, 1944 to June 19, 1945

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Pictured on the left is Gordon P

. Chung-Hoon, Academy  Class

of 1934.  Photo on the right;

"The Skipper" on the bridge of

the USS SIGSBEE. Died 1979.

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Adm. Gordon P. Chung-hoon born in Honolulu Hawaii attended the US Naval Academy. As a young Navy Lieutenant, he was attached to the USS Arizona at the time of the attack on Pearl Harbor. He was awarded the Silver Star and Navy Cross while serving as the commander of the USS Sigsbee. He also served in the Korean war. He retired in 1959 and became state director of agriculture and conservation in his home state. Admiral Chung-Hoon died on July 24, 1979.

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Commander H. A. Barnard, USN June 20, 1945 to April 30, 1946


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Harry Allan Barnard

third Commander of

the 502. Class photo

1936. Died in Seattle,

 Washington Feb. 1,


"Lucky Bag"

description of





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Commander Charles W. Jenkins, USN (Sigsbee reserve status May 1, 1946 to Decommissioning March 31, 1947

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