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Battle Stars

SIGSBEE was attached to DesRpm 25, DesDiv 50, which included RINGGOLD DD-500, SCHROEDER DD-501, and DASHIELL DD-659. Organized on August 9th 1943, Pearl Harbor Hawaii.

staranm[1].gif (14807 bytes)1 Star/Pacific Marcus Island Raid August 31& Wake Island Raid Oct. 5-6, 1943

staranm[1].gif (14807 bytes)1 Star/Gilbert Island Operation "Galvanic" Southern Attack Force TF 58 Destroyer Screen under Rear Admiral H. W. Hill on Maryland, Nov. 20, to Dec. 6, 1943

staranm[1].gif (14807 bytes)1Star/Marshall Island Operation "Flintlock and Catchpole" Occupation of Kawajalein & Majuro Atolls, Sigsbee in Task Group 52.8 Fire Support Group under Rear Admiral Robt. C. Griffin on Minneapolis, Feb. 5-8, 1944

staranm[1].gif (14807 bytes)1Star/Hollandia Operation in Western Unit Task Group 77.5 Second Reinforcement Group under Capt. J.B. McGowen, April 21-28 & May 1-3, 1944

staranm[1].gif (14807 bytes)1Star/Marianas Operation Capture of Guam in Southern Attack Group 53.2 Destroyer Screen under Rear Admiral L. F. Reifsnider, July 14 to Aug. 4, 1944

staranm[1].gif (14807 bytes)1Star/Western New Guinea Operations Morotai Landings Sept. 15, 1944

staranm[1].gif (14807 bytes)1Star/Leyte Operations Leyte Landings TG 78.3 Panaon Attack Group under Rear Admiral G. L. Weyler, Oct. 15-25, 1944

staranm[1].gif (14807 bytes)1Star/Iwo Jima Operation Feb.15 to March 7, 1945, Fifth Fleet Raids Against Honshu & Nansei Shoto Feb. 15-16, 25 & March 1, 1945

staranm[1].gif (14807 bytes)1Star/Okinawa Gunto Operation Fifth & Third Fleet Raids in Support of Okinawa Gunto Operations in TF 58 Fast Carrier Force under Vice Admiral Mark E. Mitscher, March 17 to April 15, 1945

Other actions, assignments, and awards should be noted: Escort duties in the Atlantic area betweem Casco Bay and Norfolk. Escort duty to Trinidad B.W.I. while training air crews with the Independence CV-22. On 22 July 1943, Sigsbee along with Harrison DD-573, Daly DD-519, and Lexington stood out of Norfolk heading for the Pacific Theatre via the Panama Canal. On 20 March 1944 with Task Force 37 bombarded Kavieng, New Ireland. The Sigsbee was initiated into the many supporting phases of Fast Carrier Operations during her tenure in the Pacific, such as anti-submarine screening, rescue of downed pilots/air crews, and picket duty. The Sigsbee was assigned to Destroyer Squadron 25 that was organized and assembled in Pearl Harbor in August 1943. Officers and crew received the following commendations while serving on the 502: Navy Cross (1), Silver Star (1), Legion of Merit (1), Bronze Stars (4), Purple Hearts (78).

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