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An assortment of 502 photos

Looking from CVL-10 YORKTOWN during refueling Marcus Island Raid Aug. 1943. Note band members lower portion of photo. Sailor above bridge wign in dark shirt is Dick Dewey. John Chiquoine photo.


              Nov. 1943 Havannah Harbor, Efate, New Hebrides. Dave Schroeder photo.               


USS MIAMI alongside preparing towline after Kamikaze hit of April 14, 1945. National Archives photo from Joe Lewis, print Dave Schroeder.

Photo taken from cruiser MIAMI. Sailors identified; Henry Ivory, OC3c lower right white shirt, Charles Snyder, GM1c standing by turret hatch 5 "Gun 2. Dick Dewey, F2c standing in front of mast above starboard wing. Leaning forward slightly over rail is Hank Elizagaray, F2c.

Photo from USS MIAMI of towline. Identified sailors in photo; Chief Lester Leboeuf, CBM, hands on hips, Cmdr. Chung-Hoon, baseball cap port rail, Lt. Carl Braun, no hat on starboard rail, behind Braun, XO Milton Morgan.

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