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The above painting by Naval artist Peter Hsu (copyright authorized) shows the 502 under air attack 4/14/45



ACTION REPORT SERIAL 091 20 OCTOBER 1944:  Anti Aircraft Action


From: The Commanding Officer.

To: The Commander in Chief, U.S. Fleet

Subject: A A action by surface ship U.S.S. SIGSBEE DD-502 

Location: Cabalian Bay and Surigao Strait, Leyte, P.I.  Zone Time: Item (-9) -1807 to 1847.  Date 20 Oct. 1944

1. Surprise attack (yes)

2. Method picking plane up: First run binoculars. Second run binoculars.  Third run radar Mk.4

3  Range plane was picked up: First run 10 miles,  Second run 10 miles.  Third run less than five miles.

4. Total number of planes observed: 1  Type: Dinah

5.. Number of planes attacking ship: 1  Type: Dinah

6.  Number of planes taken under fire by own ship: 1  Type Dinah

7.  Speed and altitude of approach in knots and feet: First run 210 knots, 4,000 feet. Opening on formation, staying over

     land  where possible.  Second run 210 knots, 7,500 feet,. Circling formation, staying over land  where possible, speed

     increased to 275 knots in steep dive employed in avoiding fire.  Third run 230 knots, 3,500 feet.  Approach could have

     been horizontal bombing run over center of formation made perpendicular to course and axis.

8.  Number of guns firing by caliber: First run 5 5"/38.  Second run 5 5"/38, 3 40 mm.  Third run 3 40 mm and 4 20 mm.

9.  Ammunition expended by caliber: First run 75 rounds of  5/38, AA common, MK 18 MTF.  Second run 51 rounds 

     5"/38,  AA common, MK 18 MTP, 280 round 40 mm HET.  Third run 232 rounds 40 mm HET, 270 rounds 20 mm, 

     HEI &  HET.

10. Percent allowance expended: 5" 9.7 % AA common with MK. 18 fuzes.  40 mm 4.3 %, 20 mm 0.6 %.

11. Method of control: 

      First run: 5" director optics.  Method of spotting: Control officer's scope - direct spotting.  Method of 

      ranging:  Radar and rangefinder, shift occured just prior to opening fire.  Radar lost target over land.  Method of firing: 

      Rapid continuous automatic fuze.

      Second run: 5" director optics.  Method of spotting: None employed.  Method of ranging: Rangefinder.  Method of 

      firing: Continuous automatic fuze.  Method of control second run: 40 mm: Local control.  Method of spotting: Trace

      control.  Method of firing: Local power.

      Third run: Method of control 40 mm-MK. 51 director control.  Method of spotting: Rangesetter on MK. 51 director

       hitting range by observing trace stream.  Method of firing: Director automatic. Although 5" did not fire, full radar control

       on the third run established the best track for the 5" guns.

12.  Approximate tracking time to first shot: 45 seconds on first run. (new track begun on shifting to rangefinder) 2 minutes

       on run two.  

13.  Approximate time of first hits. -

14.  Approximate time fist shot to last shot: 5" first run, 1 minute, 6 seconds. Second run, 1 minute, 22 seconds. 40 mm -

       second run, one minute.  Third run 45 seconds.  20 mm third run 45 seconds.

15.  Approximate position angle open fire: 5" guns first run - 7 degrees 30'.  40 mm 12 degrees.  Second run 40 mm

       20 degrees. Second run 20 mm 20 degrees.  Third run 40 mm and 20 mm 40 degrees.

16.  Approximate range first shot and planes altitude:  First run 10,500 yards, 5,000 feet.  Second run 11,000 yards,

       5,000 feet.  Third run 1,500 yards, 3,600 feet.

17.  Was ship strafed? No

18.  No offensive action demonstrated except run over the formation. No damaged observed.

19.  SIGSBEE maneuvered to keep full battery bearing on target and to clear line of fire of other ship's guns.  All ships were

       maneuvering to form close cruising disposition.

                                                                                                     G.P. Chung-Hoon

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