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Just one small ship in one "Big War".........This WW II Fletcher Class Destroyer saw action in the Pacific Theatre of Operations 1943 to 1945.........This web site is a Memorial to the DD-502, her crew that sailed into harms way, and to those sailors that made the ultimate sacrifice.

United States Navy World War Two

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This web site is a MEMORIAL to the SIGSBEE crew members who paid the ultimate price in service to our country. It is also dedicated to the officers and men that served with pride and distinction as "Tin Can Sailors" on her decks in World War Two. LET US NOT FORGET!

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SIGSBEE photo from Lt. Barrett collection quality control courtesy John Chiquoine.

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Launched Dec. 7th 1942

Sigsbee launched Dec. 7th 1942 Kearny, N.J.

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Photo from Lt. Gordon Barrett's collection

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Do you recognize this artist that painted Donald Duck on the turret of gun #5 on the Sigsbee? Contact us at

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anchorbutton[1].gif (433 bytes) Launch & Commissioning

anchorbutton[1].gif (433 bytes) History and Crew  List


anchorbutton[1].gif (433 bytes) Memorial   anchorbutton[1].gif (433 bytes) USS Sigsbee Photos anchorbutton[1].gif (433 bytes) Kamikaze attack painting


anchorbutton[1].gif (433 bytes) Action Reports anchorbutton[1].gif (433 bytes) USS Sigsbee Artifacts anchorbutton[1].gif (433 bytes) Hollywood and the 502


anchorbutton[1].gif (433 bytes) DD-502 Model anchorbutton[1].gif (433 bytes) A Sailors Testimony anchorbutton[1].gif (433 bytes) 502 Obituary Archives


anchorbutton[1].gif (433 bytes) Reunions 1988, 1994 Linked from Billy Roberts Sigsbee site anchorbutton[1].gif (433 bytes) Lt. Slack's photos anchorbutton[1].gif (433 bytes) The Sigsbee's Bell


anchorbutton[1].gif (433 bytes) Billy Roberts 502 site anchorbutton[1].gif (433 bytes) LT. Barrett's photos anchorbutton[1].gif (433 bytes) Destroyer Squadron 25


anchorbutton[1].gif (433 bytes) DesRon 25 Reno 2003 anchorbutton[1].gif (433 bytes) DesRon 25 Lou. KY 05' anchorbutton[1].gif (433 bytes) DesRon 25 Reunion 2007


anchorbutton[1].gif (433 bytes) CHUNG-HOON DDG-93

anchorbutton[1].gif (433 bytes) DDG-93 Web Site

anchorbutton[1].gif (433 bytes)DDG-93 Commissioning


anchorbutton[1].gif (433 bytes) RADM Gordan P. Chung-Hoon 7/25/1910 -7/24/1979 anchorbutton[1].gif (433 bytes) My family that Served   Very Ship Has A Name Click URL below


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  Assortment of SIGSBEE ship photos  anchorbutton[1].gif (433 bytes)

      Photos of damaged SIGSBEE in dry dock anchorbutton[1].gif (433 bytes)

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This site last updated on Jan. 9, 2016

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       View movie clip of the damaged DD-502. Some of the footage was used in

the 1950 movie "Okinawa".  Copy and past this link to view footage


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                    Locate a Sigsbee Sailor Photo

( 333 identified officers and crew )

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 Tribute to the Minesweeper YMS-81 and her crew

and my uncle Herbert Dewey Mastin PHM3c

Click on the 81's picture below

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Tribute to the USS YUMA ATF-94 and Verle G. Pearcy, SK3c of Scottsburg, Indiana

Mr. Pearcy recently passed away. His wife Doris asked if I'd pay tribute to her husband and his ship. It is my honor to do so in the following pages. To view the tribute to this Ocean going Tug and her crew that served in both World War II and Korea. CLICK ON THE PHOTO OF THE SHIP


                       Verle G. Pearcy, SK3c Korean War veteran

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Fletcher Class Destroyer youtube video @

Footage of damaged Sigsbee taken from the cruiser USS MIAMI a few hours after the Kamikaze hit of April 14, 1945. Thanks to Billy Roberts, GM3/c whose son came across this link.  Copy and paste following URL to view damaged Sigsbee on Youtube.

anchorbutton[1].gif (433 bytes) Newspaper artifact announcing that Lt. George Hart had been KIA.

anchorbutton[1].gif (433 bytes) 1943 Navy Public Relations story involved a Sigsbee vet
anchorbutton[1].gif (433 bytes) 1st Division (deck crew in action) photos
anchorbutton[1].gif (433 bytes)SIGSBEE vet Lt. Hal Kauffman, Naval Academy football player and survivor of the USS MEREDITH sinking in 1942, where he struggled for five days to stay alive on a raft. One of four Academy graduates that played in the 1941 Army/Navy game featured in the book "The All Americans" by Lars Anderson. Click on anchor for book review.
anchorbutton[1].gif (433 bytes)SIGSBEE Lt. jg. Eugene Lopez survives DC-3 plane crash in Burbank, CA. Nov. of 1944 (see his photo in album 12)
anchorbutton[1].gif (433 bytes)Article on Gordon Chung-Hoon donated by George Mazzagotte
anchorbutton[1].gif (433 bytes)Burial at sea on the Sigsbee April 15, 1945 following kamikaze attack the previous day. Linked from Billy Roberts Sigsbee site.
anchorbutton[1].gif (433 bytes)SIGSBEE west coast veterans and SIGSBEE family members attend a luncheon onboard the USS CHUNG-HOON Oct. 2008
anchorbutton[1].gif (433 bytes)Three great Sigsbee related photos 1.Twenty MM gun crews on Sigsbee's stern 2. Sailors Empire State Building 1943  3. Close-up of crew preparing a tow line after the kamikaze hit of 4/14/1945
anchorbutton[1].gif (433 bytes)Jjanuary 23, 2009, marks the sixty sixth anniversary of the Commissioning of the USS Sigsbee DD-502 at Brooklyn Navy Yard, Brooklyn, NY.  View the members of the Commissioning crew and officers copied from Administrative Logs. Linked from Billy Roberts 502 site.
anchorbutton[1].gif (433 bytes)"The Old Salts" Which sailors served on the 502 the longest? Click anchor for answer. Linked from Billy Roberts site.
anchorbutton[1].gif (433 bytes) "Recollections" THE WAR YEARS, BY ROBERT D. KARL, as told by Bill Branch March 2005.   Webmaster's Note: Ensign Robert D. Karl, was ordered to report for duty to the New York Navy Yard, where he was to join the soon to be Commissioned USS SIGSBEE DD-502 as Assistant Gunnery Officer. The following excerpt from "Recollections" deals with Robert's time spent on the SIGSBEE. 
anchorbutton[1].gif (433 bytes)New photos of the SIGSBEE taken from the cruiser USS MIAMI 4/14/1945. Photos were sent to me by my friend Dave Schroeder. The photos were found by his friend Joe Lewis.
anchorbutton[1].gif (433 bytes)1931 Naval Academy wire photo of Gordon P. Chung-Hoon
anchorbutton[1].gif (433 bytes)Photos donated in memory of  Sigsbee veteran Vincent Palmieri
anchorbutton[1].gif (433 bytes) SIGSBEE attempted to rescue a downed airman on July 16, 1944. Read the deck logs which describes the event. Linked to Billy Roberts SIGSBEE site.
anchorbutton[1].gif (433 bytes)SABINE PASS tows the 502 from Guam to Pearl Harbor for repairs.
anchorbutton[1].gif (433 bytes)Tribute to Lt. Thomas R.Weschler, Gunnery Officer  Aug. 15, 1943 to Mar. 9, 1945. Linked to Billy Roberts  web site.
anchorbutton[1].gif (433 bytes)Photo of  Sigsbee at the Philadelphia Navy Yard 1973. Photo taken by Ted Stone and courtesy of the Cote Collection. 
anchorbutton[1].gif (433 bytes)Location in the Pacific Ocean off Okinawa where the Sigsbee was hit 4/14/1945. Courtesy off Billy Roberts.
anchorbutton[1].gif (433 bytes)Article written by SIGSBEE vet William Suter that appeared in an issue of "Reminisce". Mr. Suter recalls the celebration at Pearl Harbor on VJ Day. Linked fom Billy Roberts SIGSBEE web site. Click on the anchor.
anchorbutton[1].gif (433 bytes)North Platte Canteen a must see video                          
anchorbutton[1].gif (433 bytes) World War II Navy Rank and Rate Abbreviations
anchorbutton[1].gif (433 bytes)Description and order form for "War Diary: USS Stevens 1941-1946"   This book is about the STEVENS, a sister ship to the 502       and member of DesRon 25 (see photos and info on DesRon 25 link)
anchorbutton[1].gif (433 bytes)Register your name at HULLNUMBER.COM and join other SIGSBEE veterans.'s mission is to provide a means for shipmates to keep in touch with one another.
anchorbutton[1].gif (433 bytes)View a Pearl Harbor VJ Day Celebration shot with a home movie camera. Credit Richard Sullivan, linked via email.
anchorbutton[1].gif (433 bytes)WW II Veterans Tribute                                   anchorbutton[1].gif (433 bytes)Navy Links                                                          anchorbutton[1].gif (433 bytes)Patriotic Videos

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   There are twenty-four (24) sailors honored on the Memorial Page on this web site, of these, seven (7) sailors do not have a  photo posted. It is our goal to obtain a photo of each Sigsbee sailor that made the ultimate sacrifice. During our research my good friend Billy Roberts and I have been unable to locate any family members of these seven sailors.  If anyone visiting this site can help, please contact @          

Looking for surviving family members of these sailors lost on the SIGSBEE

      Name & Rate                  Received     Enlisted         Service #                          Family Info  

Cox, Carlton C. F1c  2/9/45    No record 975 57 79 Wife: Julia Berry Cox, Rt 4 Box 213Mobile, AL.
Freeman, Joseph W. Jr. BM2c 1/23/43  Norfolk , VA 262 25 99 Wife: Charlotte Marie, 2105 Avondale, Dr. Durham, NC  
Heflin, Joseph L. S1c   8/8/44    Huntington, WV 756 16 63 Father: Ralph B. Heflin, married Maggie Tierney, West Union, WV 1924
Hudson, William O. S2c  12/2/44   No record 736 14 31  Father: Archie S. Hudson, 2023 Holmby St. Los Angeles, CA.  
Mellum, Ernest P. M3c  12/20/43 San Fran, CA  886 62 28 Mother Emma J. Mullem, 2118 Eye. St. Sacramento, CA
Mueller, Lawrence E. EM2c 11/25/44 Chicago , IL 853 43 28 Wife: Mrs. Alice M. Mueller, 5859 N. Mobile Ave.Chicago, IL 
* Shapiro, Myer H. F1c   1/23/43 Boston , MA 202 20 71 Mother: Minnie G. Shapiro, Malden, Mass

 *Missing (lost overboard) 7/25/43   anchorbutton[1].gif (433 bytes) Shapiro, Myer H. F1c linked from Billy roberts 502 site

Information compiled by Billy Roberts using ships muster rolls with research help from John Chiquoine. 

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